Sanitizing services

Can you see germs around? Can you assume that there are no germs around you just because you don’t see it? Germs are everywhere around us and they’re the main reason behind most of the infections and diseases around us. That’s why sanitizing is very important for your health, and your family’s health as well. 

Who can use our services?

Villas sanitizing services

Office sanitizing services

Malls sanitizing

Home sanitizing services

Companies sanitizing services

Hospitals sanitizing services

Schools sanitizing services

Post-Covid sanitizing services

How we can help in the prevention of Coronavirus?

As Al-Mandoos cleaning is approved from Dubai health and safety department for cleaning and disinfection for confirmed Covid-19 cases or precautionary disinfection process, we can limit the spread of coronavirus.

Areas we cover:




Ras Alkhaimah

What other Services can we help you with?

General Cleaning Services

Pest Control Services

Pricing and packages

Our prices vary based on the client’s requirements, location, and sizeof the site. Thus, we do a free visit at the beginning to see the site so we can calculate the needed duration and fees

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